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Why Cadlink ?

17 years of Engineering Experience

End to end solution

Based on honesty, integrity and reliability

Competitive Pricing

Printed Circuit Board  Design and manufacture

WA Owned and Operated




What is the Share Pool Prototyping Service?

This service allows you and many other clients to pool their prototypes onto the same PCB panel.  This gives you the advantage of only paying for the space you use, apposed to paying for a whole panel yourself.

Its as easy as sending us your Gerber or Protel file/s, a purchase order and we'll do the rest - just Cadlink it!



Prototype Specifications (including special limited offer)

Quick turn around times

Only pay for the space you use

Buy One get One FREE

Offer Expires        30 April 2010

Cadlink reserves the right to make changes to this prototyping service without prior notification